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Fatigue Management software from Transtech Consulting Services

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Transtech Consulting Services  is a provider of asset management systems that are designed to maximise the potential of transport operator fleets. Sentinel is Transtech Consulting Services’ solution for fatigue management compliance. Sentinel has been offering the certainty of proven results in an operational setting for the past four years.

Sentinel can be used as a defensive and an offensive strategy. It can be used to reduce the risk of the expensive consequences of non-compliance. Sentinel ensures that drivers are complying with fatigue management regulations all the time. It significantly reduces the administrative burden in planning, reporting and complying with a new set of laws.

Before the driver leaves the depot, Sentinel helps to ensure whether the driving plan is safe with that particular driver. Sentinel knows its driving-working- resting history and applies it to the proposed driving plan for the trip. With Sentinel, there is peace of mind that every driver leaving the depots have a safe driving plan.

The driving plan is safe as long as the driver follows it. Sentinel monitors the behaviour of driver in real-time and alerts to every one in the Chain of Responsibility just before or when the driver becomes non-compliant to State and company driving rules. Corrective action can be taken immediately to cut exposure to zero.

Automated alerts are also being sent to the drivers to ensure that they always adhere to the prescribed driving hours. For example, a message can be sent to the driver reminding that a break is due.

Allowing Sentinel to record data electronically on driver activity and apply the relevant rules provides more objective measures and reports of driver activity rather than relying on the memory and experience of the operations manager. Sentinel exception reports are ideal for managers. They show every violation for the day and the rule that was broken. The manager can then make note of the corrective action applied. This saves keeping mounds of paperwork to prove compliance.

Electronic logbooks of driving history also remove dependence on faulty manual logbook entries. Sentinel tracks the behaviour of the driver and notes it down for examination at any time. Gone are the days of using investigative methods to test whether or not a logbook is true.

The Sentinel module from Transtech Consulting Services have been developed in combination with Work Cover and WorkSafe advisors and corresponds to driving, working and rest requirements in all Australian states and territories.

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