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Extract value from your IAP investment

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Intelligent Access Program (IAP) is a program that allows heavy vehicles to have access, or improved access, to the road network in return for monitoring, by an intelligent transport system, their compliance with specified access conditions.

The monitoring will be provided by IAP certified serviced providers. Transtech is an IAP applicant awaiting IAP certification.

IAP presents a strategic decision to transport operators. Operators are faced with the choice of whether or not to become certified to carrier higher mass limits on approved roads.

They will weigh the potential additional profits against two costs: 1) the cost to upgrade the tracking hardware on the each truck, and 2) the monthly cost per truck paid to the service provider to monitor IAP compliance on the approved roads.

There is, however, a second strategic decision open to operators when they decide to go down the IAP path. This decision ought to be considered along with the IAP decision.

It is the decision to extract a high value from the dollars invested in IAP. This can be done by upgrading from current tracking systems to Transtech’ s next generation real-time fleet management system.

Current generation tracking systems track the status of trucks, and that’s about it. Transtech’s next generation system tracks far more and gives fleet managers the ability to make better decisions to improve fleet performance and profits.

Seeing that an upgrade of hardware and software is unavoidable when moving to IAP, it makes sense to take a leap forward at the time of upgrade to using the more useful next generation tracking system from Transtech.

Transtech’s vTrack system provides real-time management information on trucks, trailers, trips, manifests, con-notes, drivers and route compliance.

This broader view of a fleet gives the fleet manager the ability to analyse aspects of fleet performance to a much more detailed level.

The result is better management decisions to increase profits by the removal of inefficient aspects of fleet performance. Upgrading to vTrack, before or along with the upgrade to IAP, will therefore provide the best payback on dollars invested in IAP.

Because vTrack tracks the status of drivers, it is integrated tightly with Sentinel, Transtech’s advanced fatigue management system.

Sentinel creates safe driving plans and monitors compliance. In the same way, route compliance for IAP will be accessible from the same easy-to-use screen.

Transtech offers a compelling reason for operators not merely to upgrade to IAP and track trucks as they did before.

Transtech gives the opportunity to upgrade to a more useful real-time information system to improve the competitiveness and profitability of entire fleets.

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