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Transmission Australia offers couplings, trolleys, tables, belts and pulleys

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Couplings and clutches from Transmission Australia is used to join two in line rotating shafts. It also helps in transmitting shaft from place to another. Shaft couplings are rigid and flexible. It can also be connected easily.

The couplings and clutches from Transmission Australia are available in various forms including light duty to heavy industrial drives. Rigid couplings are ideal for mixer drives. Other types of couplings include torque limiting couplings, fail safe couplings and backlash free and low inertia coupling for measuring and positioning purposes. Servo couplings are ideal for zero backlashes. Cone ring, tyre, chain, jaw, gear, grid, elastomeric, torque limiter and hydraulic couplings are also offered.

Belts and pulley from Transmission Australia are used to transfer power from driving component and are ideal for high speed applications. Belts and pulley offered include vee belts, narrow belts, synchronous belts, classical belts, speciality belts and banded belts.

Transmission Australia offers different types of tables and trolleys. Lift tables are used to handle loads in safe and easy manner. Lift tables raises slowly and come with range of lift capabilities, deck sizes and built in specifications. Mobile lifting device are efficient for handling light duty materials with load capacities 150 kg to 800 kg. Trolleys are also available in various shapes and sizes including single to three tiered decks.

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