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Transmission Australia offers actuators, shaft locks, chains and sprockets

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Power transmission products are offered by Transmission Australia which is used for various applications including crushers, compressors, conveyor systems, process lines. Screw jacks and actuators from Transmission Australia are ideal for moving loads which require pushing effect in horizontal or vertical direction.

The applications of actuators include stage lifts, reclining beds, large lighting rigs, gate and door opening systems. Packages with multiple screw jack configurations are includes gear motors, safety brakes, and connecting shafts. Screw jacks are used for heavier applications where as linear actuators are used for faster and lighter applications. Accessories provided along with actuators include control boxes, overload protection devices and hand and foot operated switches.

Chains and sprockets from Transmission Australia are used in transferring power from driving components. These chains and sprockets are ideal for high torque applications and are available in various forms including American standard, heavy duty, agricultural, attachment, leaf, speciality chain and British standard.

Shaft locking assemblies from Transmission Australia are used to connect two elements which rotate. Shaft locking assemblies come with two tapered rings having screws which are used to tighten the pulleys. Self centring, non self centring and shrink disk are some of the types of shaft locking assembly offered. Shaft locks have torque rating up to 365000 Nm and the size of shafts ranges from 17mm to 400 mm.

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