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Motors, gear motors and AC drives from Transmission Australia

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Transmission Australia  supplies mechanical power transmission components and motors. The range of products supplied by Transmission Australia includes motors, gear motors, speed reducers, actuators, servo, brakes and clutches.

The motors offered by Transmission Australia are available in various types, brands and speeds. The motors offered are ideal for driving unit and industrial power transmission needs. The motors offered by Transmission Australia include three or single phase motors, foot mount, face mount motors, heavy industrial, enhanced and high efficiency motors.

Mini motors are available for low power and low speed applications and it can be incorporated into various machines which serve functions like mixing, conveying, packaging and labelling.

AC gear motors from Transmission Australia are versatile and are ideal for electric motor. It is coupled along with high torque and low speed requirements. The gear motors are available in various models including parallel, helical, worm, bevel, right angle and planetary.

Transmission Australia offers AC drives which offers incredible capability for controlling the torque and speed variation when it is coupled with standard electric motors. The AC drives offered by Transmission Australia ranges from basic operated drives to sophisticated drives. The AC drives are available in various options, brands and ratings.

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