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Trinity commissions Advanta’s Atlas fuel

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Advanta Software, specialist software solutions provider to the 3PL, fuel distribution and logistics markets, declared that Trinity Petroleum has recently commissioned Advanta’s Atlas fuel distribution software to improve operational efficiency and cater for future growth.

Trinity Petroleum (Trinity), is a fuel distribution company specialising in the retail and wholesale distribution of fuel and lube products.

As a local organisation, Trinity achieves exceptional customer service by focusing on local client needs.

According to Trinity Petroleum, as a locally operated fuel distributor it is able to tailor its service offerings to the customers. This is a major advantage over large multinational fuel distributors who tend to only offer a one-service-fits-all type model.

Trinity had some compelling reasons to change their system. They were previously running two separate older systems which were not integrated, and required considerable manual interfacing.

This was highly efficient; Trinity’s previous system comprised separate systems for truck and stock management and the general ledger. This required data to be manually imported and exported from each system once a month, significantly adding to administration costs.

The lack of support services and the possibility that the systems were becoming outdated were also contributing factors.

In addition, Trinity wanted to improve their inventory management, ensure their compliance with applicable accounting and auditing requirements and also to cater for growing operations.

There were several reasons for Trinity’s selection of Atlas fuel. Atlas fuel is a highly specialised system catering for the specific needs of the fuel distribution industry.

It was originally developed for the Mobil fuel distributors and has been widely accepted. So Trinity was confident it was selecting a tried, tested and proven system.

Atlas fuel’s breadth of functionality also contributed to Trinity Petroleum’s decision.

According to Trinity, Atlas fuel provides comprehensive stock control, tracking of truck loads and delivery. This will allow Trinity to achieve tighter cost control and improve efficiency.

Atlas fuel comprises a suite of over 30 modules covering every aspect of Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Execution and eLogistics, all fully tailored for the fuel distribution industry.

Advanta is providing Trinity Petroleum with a range of modules from the Atlas Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain execution suites, including; distributors, inventory control, sales order processing, sales analysis, debtors, general ledger, creditors, fixed assets, wholesale management and the interface to the retail POS system.

Trinity will also be able to take advantage of the full suite extending into web portals and customer relationship management in the future.

With the Atlas fuel suite implemented, Trinity Petroleum expects to enhance their internal process efficiencies by achieving tighter controls of debtors and improved internal stock transfer.

Trinity Petroleum also expects to make more informed decisions as Atlas fuel will provide more reliable and up-to-date reporting on the business.

According to Trinity, it values the professional approach of Advanta in relation to project management, change management and time management. This helped Trinity to achieve a smooth conversion from its old system to Advanta’s Atlas fuel system.

Trinity has just implemented the software, so it is early days, but we are already seeing the benefits of integration. It looks forward to the coming months to realise returns on its investment.

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