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Logistics software suite for fuel industry launched

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Advanta Software, specialist solution provider to the logistics and 3PL marketplace, announced the release of ATLAS Fuel, which is a fuel industry specific version of its popular ATLAS logistics suite. Advanta has two other industry specific products, ATLAS 3PL for the third-party logistics industry and ATLAS Transport for the freight and transport industry. 

ATLAS Fuel builds on the earlier fuel distributors’ product suite, which is widely used by Advanta’s fuel distribution client base, including leading organizations such as the Dib Group, Freedom Fuels, Tasco Inland, Lowes Petroleum, United Petroleum Australia, Pacific Petroleum and most recently Trinity Petroleum Services. 

ATLAS Fuel is not a minor release. It incorporates all the state of the art features of the ATLAS products, including ATLAS explorer for anywhere access to the application using a Microsoft like graphical user interface, and a rework of the whole system to streamline operations and improve usability.  

At the same time it boasts an extensive range of innovations including:
* Manages the bulk movement of fuel throughout the supply chain from terminal, through trucks to distribution points.
* Provides comprehensive interfaces to common retail POS systems.
* Caters for the complex pricing and costing used in the Fuel Distribution industry.
* Provides for temperature correction calculation in all transactions including the costing and pricing of deliveries.
* Interfaces with TouchStar onboard truck computers.
* Interfaces to Truck Stop fuel pumps.
* Manages use of distributor Fuel cards.

ATLAS Fuel provides extensive reporting on all aspects of the fuel distribution operation including fleet performance, customer distribution costing and customer delivery profile.

ATLAS Fuel incorporates all standard ATLAS modules including CRM, Web ordering, Client Portal, and Document Management.  

Indeed, ATLAS Fuel has already been implemented at the DIB Group and new client Blackbird Energy, and several others are currently undertaking the upgrade.

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