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Gifts Australia selects Advanta’s ATLAS 3PL software solution

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Advanta Software, specialist software solutions provider to the 3PL and logistics markets, announced that Gifts Australia has selected Advanta’s ATLAS 3PL software solution to improve operational efficiency and to cater for rapid business growth.

Gifts Australia is an online gift fulfilment organisation serving the Australian national market.

Gifts Australia has created a viable point of difference and a competitive advantage in the online gift fulfilment service industry. As Kim Jenkins – the Director of Gifts Australia explains, “By owning our own warehouse facility, we can dispatch any gift advertised on our website within 24 business hours of order placement to any location within Australia. In addition we provide some value added services such as free gift wrapping and a complementary gift card to our customers”.

Since commencement of trading 6 years ago, Gifts Australia has experienced strong and rapid business growth sparking a need for a system capable of supporting the increasing reporting and warehouse management requirements of the business.

As a result Gifts Australia sought a credible and reliable supplier with a warehouse management software solution that would meet their current and future needs.

Kim and the other Gifts Australia Directors Alison Jones and Simon Gidley decided that “Advanta was the most suitable software solutions provider. Their ATLAS 3PL software suite is a complete solution for the fulfilment and 3PL market, with the ability to manage all aspects of the business ranging from warehousing to e-business. More importantly, Advanta offers to partner with Gifts Australia for the long term. This will allow us to satisfy our on-going needs more efficiently and effectively”

Prior to the upgrade to Advanta’s ATLAS 3PL software suite, Gifts Australia has been using a simple manual inventory management system.

This however was causing significant operational issues, ranging from pick and pack errors due to the increasing volume and complexity of the inventory, increasing staff training costs due to the breadth of the product range; and poor control and management of the warehouse due to lack of up to date information on how the warehouse was performing.

To combat these issues and to cater for ongoing future growth, Gifts Australia selected Advanta’s ATLAS 3PL software suite.

The suite comprises over 30 modules and provides all aspects of Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Execution, together with Customer Relationship Management and eLogistics.

More specifically, Advanta Software is providing Gifts Australia with modules including: warehouse management, freight management, EDI, order processing, sales analysis, purchasing, report generating, and distribution requirements planning.

Following the implementation of ATLAS 3PL, Gifts Australia expect to address their current operational efficiency issues and aims to improve the level of service they provide to customers.

As Kim states “Gifts Australia expects to reduce pick and pack error rates through the accuracy of an automated warehousing system, reduce labour costs as less staff product training will be required; and develop cost effective reports due to the improved feedback from the ATLAS software suite”.

Kim continues “Our goal is to achieve a 50% business growth rate every year for the next 5 years and we are optimistic in achieving such a goal with the support of Advanta’s ATLAS 3PL software solution”.

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