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All Earth Group Selects TransLogix Sapphire Transport Management Suite for Business Integration

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All Earth Group has successfully deployed the integrated Sapphire Transport Management Software suite from TransLogix Software to deliver ‘one version of the truth’ across its diverse business units.  

Operating a waste transfer station in Perth's eastern suburbs, All Earth Group receives and recycles inert and green waste into quality construction, civil and landscaping products.  

The Group also operates a fleet of over 80 plant and bulk haulage vehicles, offering diverse services such as plant hire, bulk haulage, screening and crushing as well as fully contracted civil site works services including site clean-up, waste disposal, onsite recycling, bulk earthworks, underground services and sub-divisional development.  

Additionally, All Earth’s Garden Centre provides a full range of garden and landscaping materials, including its line of recycled products. The recent addition of a skip business has further diversified this already multi-disciplined company.  

This diverse business, with its complex operational and administrative coordination requirements has grown from 4 staff members to over 60 in just ten years.  

Heidi Dauth, Director of Administration and Finance at the All Earth Group said, “Our set of spreadsheets and basic accounting package had worked very well for us but we’d outgrown them. It was time to replace many with one automated and fully integrated system. We needed to know we had integrity in the data we were relying on, we needed better reporting and to reduce revenue leakage.”  

The Group identified that maintenance of the old system, which relied on two key individuals could be easily jeopardised and opened the business to a high degree of risk.  

The All Earth Group developed a brief for an integrated IT solution that would offer flexibility and capture all information in one system to provide critical data integrity, searchability and customer relationship management.  

Having assessed in detail all available offerings from more than half a dozen providers, Dauth said the TransLogix Sapphire suite was selected as it was the only solution that could do what they needed across ERP, transport, accounts and personnel.  

The new system includes Sapphire’s Transport, Accounts, Payroll, Asset Ledger and Workshop modules, allowing visibility across the whole business and helping drive efficiencies as well as customer satisfaction.  

The automated information system enables All Earth Group to capture and measure the cost of jobs and loads, and provide real-time visibility of operational profitability.  

Dauth said, “We rely on our own operators plus 50-100 sub-contractors each day to bring us the 2,000 pieces of paper each month to do our invoicing. We knew we must have had leakage but couldn’t quantify it. Now, each sale has a unique identifier so we know what pieces of paper are missing and can chase them.”  

Further automation and a move to paperless operations may be undertaken in the future using TransLogix’s Mobility technologies in All Earth’s own trucks at its newly acquired skip bin business.  

Another serious consideration in the selection of new software was how employees would embrace the automation and the new processes. Dauth explained that because TransLogix could make it look familiar, such as renaming data fields to existing language, there has been little resistance.  

The development of a weighbridge interface by TransLogix for the All Earth Group was according to Dauth, a great example of the confidence and professionalism which TransLogix brought to the table.  

Most weighbridge systems are standalone with some feed into accounting packages.  

“We needed a more complex interface to overcome the problems of time expended and the data integrity in our manual export-manipulate-import system,” Dauth said.  

The interface now captures the arrival of a truck at the weighbridge, records its registration, type of load and weight, accesses the customer information, calculates the cost from the contract and prints a ticket.  

Anselm Waterfield, CEO of TransLogix, said, “All Earth Group is an excellent example of what can be achieved out-of-the-box from the deep functionality and high degree of flexibility available from Sapphire. Now that the core modules are bedded down providing one version of the truth across the business, we look forward to deploying more ‘smarts’ to drive further efficiencies and help All Earth build its competitive advantage.”

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