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Advanta Software unveils PDA based track and trace system

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Advanta Software , has released an advanced PDA based track and trace system called, ATLAS eZtrace. ATLAS eZtrace is an innovative delivery management solution which records, captures and displays information on the delivery status of goods to the user.

ATLAS eZtrace ensures full visibility of the product delivery status to the host and the end client as the product status location is updated through the supply chain process. The display can range from a specific warehouse area to the actual receipt from a customer, verified by the customer’s signature.

ATLAS eZtrace uses the advanced PDA technology to record details of consignment, delivery and to record customer signatures. ATLAS eZtrace also utilizes GPRS communication technology to provide for instant real time updating of databases, therefore allowing clients and customers to verify the status of their goods instantly via a simple internet connection.

ATLAS eZtrace is a track and trace system which is compatible with all products from any market segment. Logical Freight Solutions (LFS) is a leading national and international provider of logistical services to the biotech industry. LFS are using Advanta Software’s ATLAS eZtrace product to track the delivery of various time sensitive, high valued, hazardous and temperature controlled goods for their customers -

As ATLAS eZtrace uses state of the art technologies to capture, transfer and store information, a large reduction in paperwork will be achieved, and as a result; a more cost efficient delivery management system is implemented. The simplicity and user friendly graphic user interface allows the training costs of the delivery drivers to be kept to a minimum which compliments the cost efficiency of this advanced track and trace system.

By using ATLAS eZtrace, clients are provided with a tool which is effective, cost efficient, innovative and simple to use. This advanced real time track and trace system carries many beneficial features.

The features of ATLAS eZtrace include:

  • The ability to produce driver load sheets in reverse drop sequence. If required ATLAS eZtrace will account for the costs and payments to the delivery drivers.
  • The ability to produce delivery manifests including any special instructions associated with the deliveries
  • ATLAS eZtrace will allow users to download the manifest data onto compliant PDA devices which uses the Microsoft operating system
  • The display of a list of consignments in the anticipated drop sequence order on a hand held PDA device
  • The ability to record a variety of usable delivery information. This includes the delivery date and time, the number of cartons to be delivered or dropped, the amount to be accepted by the customer, the amount of cash and cheques to be collected and the recording of a customer signature to confirm receipt
  • The ability to send a delivery confirmation back to the host via email through the advanced GPRS network
  • An updated version of the Advanta Software system as the host system receives and processes the delivery confirmation email
  • The web view order status enquiry can be updated to reflect the date and the time of delivery. The web view order status enquiry will also display the signature captured on the PDA at the point of delivery
  • ATLAS eZtrace uses a simple GUI (graphic user interface) which allows for cost effective training for delivery drivers to utilize the benefits of this system
  • ATLAS eZtrace will communicate with other ATLAS modules on the clients system.

The new ATLAS eZtrace solution is a one stop real time track and trace system which will benefit any organisation through greater visibility, cost efficiency and greater accuracy in information.

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