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Transit Odyssey from Transit Computer Systems

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Transit Computer Systems  is involved in routing and scheduling technology in Australia and have track record of working along with transport sectors. The in house products developed by Transit Computer Systems are ideal for Australian transport operations.

Transit Computer Systems improves the efficiency and profitability of their operations with help of Transit Odyssey. Transit Odyssey is nothing but the optimised vehicle scheduling and routing system. It also helps in importing data from MS access, MS excel and text files.

Transit Odyssey offers benefits through three different areas when used for daily scheduling and fixed route reviews. The three different areas include cost savings, management control and improved customer services. Cost savings reduces the fuel bill from less kilometres, reduce overtime, scheduling time, increases the capacity utilisation of time utilised by the drivers and eliminates double handling in warehouse from picking to load.

The customer service is improved by delivering the right vehicle in right time, estimates the arrival time and reduces lead time between receipt of order and delivery. Management control improves the visibility of planned driver activities, monitoring of KPIs, set diver performance standards. Transit Odyssey can be used for daily operational scheduling and to reorganise the fixed routes.

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