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Power transformer research and testing services from Transformer Life

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Transformer Life  is involved in managing, monitoring and diagnosing power transformers. Transformer Life has carried out research programs in various fields including centre research, transformer failure, transformer research, transformer breakdowns and case studies. Wide ranges of services are provided by Transformer Life including tests, consulting, workshops, seminars and transformer inspections.

The centre research at Transformer Life is directed by STI program. It consists of twelve different projects including development of new transformer testing facility, development of new knowledge on vegetable oil, enhancement of on line dry out technology, field trails of findings on operating transformers, feasibility study into moisture in thick insulation measurement devices and so on. These research results are later reported to Victorian Government and UJV members.

Power transformer research is conducted by Transformer Life. The transformer oil and cellulose insulation is dependent to each other. To determine the life of the transformer, studies on loads and stresses of transformer is conducted. This research is conducted in three different steps namely, physical model, field experiment and mathematical models.

Transformer Life provides testing services. The testing services from Transformer Life includes lab and field test. The field-testing services from Transformer Life include frequency response analysis, transformer moisture, thermal imaging and monitoring of temperature.

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