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Consulting and testing services from Transformer Life

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Transformer Life  is involved in diagnosing and monitoring power transformer and life management of electrical power equipment. Various services are offered by Transformer Life. The consulting service helps in solving problems and provides transformer failure investigations.

The consulting services include assessment of moisture state of transformers; assess the insulation and oil condition of transformers. Transformer Life offers consulting services on the effectiveness of on line oil processing for transformers. Testing and assessment of commercial on line transformer oil processing equipment, off line monitors, measurement devices and sensors for transformer diagnosis are also done by Transformer Life.

Testing services offered from Transformer Life include field and laboratory tests. Laboratory tests include testing of solubility of water in oil, dissolved gas analysis, water content of oil, testing for degree of polymerisation of paper insulation, liquid conductivity measurements and tests for determining the moisture and gas generating capacities of service oils are done at Transformer Life.

Transformer Life conducts field testing service including frequency response analysis, transformer moisture, thermal imaging and monitoring of temperature. Various seminars and workshops are also conducted by Transformer Life. Power transformer inspections are also provided using latest technology and offers accurate and fast diagnosis of the state of transformer.

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