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article image Zytouch touch screen with anti-vandal protection.

ZYTRONIC’s latest touch screen solutions, available from Transcity , deliver good light transmission characteristics and offer better reliability and protection against physical damage than previous technologies.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor public access kiosks, Zytouch-based touch screens are made of laminated glass or polycarbonate materials that offer anti-vandal protection without additional and costly protective screens.

Zytouch touch screens feature a proprietary projected capacitive sensing technology that does not require the kiosk user to make direct contact with the touch sensor. The Zytouch sensing technology also means that users can operate the kiosk touch screen with a gloved hand.

This technology uses microfine wires embedded within a toughened laminate to maximise light transmission characteristics while enhancing protection against accidental or malicious threats.

By adjusting the sensitivity, the Zytouch touch sensor can be embedded up to a distance of 25mm from the touch surface, providing anti-vandal protection.

The method of touch screen manufacture ensures no sealing is needed to ensure the sensor remains unaffected by moisture and rain, solvents, harsh cleaning fluids, grease, dirt, scratches and all other surface damage.

Zytouch touch screens offer light transmission of up to 92% and response times down to just 13ms. Positional accuracy is rated at less than 1% error within the recommended viewing area.

The Zytouch design prevents initial accuracy drifting with time. As a result, screen recalibration is not required during the kiosk's operating lifetime and ongoing maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum.

Zytronic supplies complete Zytouch solutions that combine the laminated glass touch sensor with a controller card and driver software. Glass and polycarbonate solutions include clear, anti-glare, high-transmission, and both chemically- and thermally-toughened options. Circular polariser, light control films and anti-reflection options are also available.

The Zytouch driver software, which is fully compatible with Windows 9x, NT, 2000 and XP as well as Linux, simplifies calibration and set up by translating taps on the touch screen surface to computer mouse clicks.

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