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Documentation and tool designing services from Trang Imagineering

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Trang Imagineering  offers wide range of drafting, design, documentation, tool designing and rapid prototyping services. All these services are offered with help of skilled people and high-end facilities. The products and services from Trang Imagineering are ideal for engineering shops, large manufacturers and inventors. The design services from Trang Imagineering include designing of plastics, sheet metals, assemblies, drawing production and to name a few.

Solid parts designed include castings, machined components and extrusions. Trang Imagineering designs plastics including thermoformed, extrusions and injection moulded plastics. Fully associative flat patterns and formed sheet metals are also serviced. Assemblies designed by Trang Imagineering includes fastened assemblies and welded fabricates. Rapid prototyping services include actual physical parts that are created from 3D data.

Documentation services include making of bills of various materials, distribution of service and owners manuals, printing of posters and electronic images. 3D development tools from Trang Imagineering include mould flow, rapid tooling, computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis.

Some of the products from Trang Imagineering include bus shelters, street furniture and spray nozzles. Agricultural products include super spreader, star post puller, rear end grader and agricultural boom sprayer.

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