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Ground cover and protection mats from TrakMats Australia

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TrakMats Australia  offers ground cover and protection mat for various people who are involved in handling projects. TrakMats offered by TrakMats Australia are made from rugged polyethylene material which has high density and non slip traction surface. This non slip traction surface prevents tyre slippage.

TrakMats prevents ground and environmental damages. The flexibility of the mat generates gripping power on sand and mud. These TrakMats are easy to handle with hand cut outs, un-breakable and durable. These mats also protect ground work personnel providing effective and safe ground protection. TrakMats offered from TrakMats Australia can withstand load capacity of 60 tonnes.

TrakMats offered from TrakMats Australia is available in size 244 cm x 113 cm x 127 cm. The weight of this protection mat is 33 kilograms and is available in light green, white and orange colours. Once the load is released it returns to its original shape. This type of protection mats and ground covers from TrakMats Australia are ideal for various purposes and when used it helps in eliminating the mark of the tyres present in the ground, it protects the lawns and the traction nubs eliminates the tyre spin.

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