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Traffic control and management solutions from Traffic Watch Australia

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Traffic Watch Australia  is a supplier of traffic controllers and construction labour for hire across Australia. Traffic Watch Australia was formed in the year 2006. Traffic Watch Australia holds thirty years of experience in the field of construction industry. Traffic Watch Australia distinguish the importance of Australia’s roads and infrastructure. Traffic Watch Australia has designed models that offer professional approach, outstanding service facility and skilled personnel, and a commitment to go the “extra yard”. Traffic Watch Australia offers service facilities such as traffic management, signage hire, traffic management plans, pilot vehicle and railway management.

Many capital cities are in fact implementing different kinds of strategies and initiatives in relation to new traffic management legislation. In recent times, Melbourne has introduced “Keeping Melbourne Moving” plan. Under this “Keeping Melbourne Moving” plan, present road laws (encapsulating traffic management), will be more strictly imposed, together with new extended Clearway times on main arterial roads. The new plan is arrived through consultation from the Premier’s Congestion Roundtable which was held earlier in the year with industry and community leaders. In addition to the above Plan, a number of long-standing Government initiatives are listed in order to reduce traffic congestion that is already in place.

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