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Maxi fire doors from Trafalgar Building Products

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Fire rated and non fire rated doors such as maxi fire doors are supplied and manufactured by Trafalgar Building Products . The E-core maxi fire doors from comes in single and double leaf models. It is ideal for various commercial applications. Maxi fire door withstands fire up to 4 hours and it is made from 38 mm thick solid monolithic E-core board which is produced from materials that are naturally available.

These E-core boards are reinforced with localised plates and are encased with panels and edge strips. Maxi fire door is durable and offers strength when used. It also come with door leaf facings and is approved for installation using metal door frames. It is available in various sizes and the fire resistance levels also vary from 1 hour to 4 hours. Maxi fire doors are ideal for commercial buildings, hospitals, offices, apartments and shopping centres.

Maxi fire doors from Trafalgar Building Products are available in various forms including double swing, door frames, sealing systems, connecting frames, meeting stiles and so on. The leaves of maxi fire doors can be finished using plywood, fire rated, stainless steel materials. These door leaves are protected with kick plates. Kick plates are durable and resistant to fire. Door frames are made using fire rated metal frames which are 1.4mm in thickness. Timber door frames are also supplied by Trafalgar Building Products.

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