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Converter, storyboard and compare tools from Tradefox

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Tradefox  helps in removing the difficulties of international trade through global supply chain approach. Tradefox assist people to synchronize the flow of information along with the flow of operations and these strategies are used at different planning stages.

Tradefox tools include mark up, converter, storyboard and compare and e mail direct. The converter drop down tool from Tradefox provides quick link to websites which contain various converters including foreign exchange currency converter and other services, metric conversion tools for measuring imperial equivalents.

Compare tools from Tradefox allows the user to view the topics and compares it with anchor top topics and replaces the bottom topic with any topic selected. Compare tool can be used to work on any type of topic in the library, collector view and so on. It also helps in comparing two related topics at a time. For example, a topic in one book and that references a topic in same book or another book.

The storyboard from Tradefox stores trade topics and helps in storing links to the library topics. This storyboards and can be set up into various themes, sub themes and multiple storyboards. Storyboards helps in mailing the topics directly to the clients and discusses the same visual topics.

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