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Trade Debtor Finance Consultants official launch

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Trade Debtor Finance Consultants  (TDFC) has officially launched in Australia 2009. Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Discounting, and Trade Debtor Finance for years have been just words to a business.  

TDFC is an Australian business, created to help small to large businesses in Australia get a better understanding of these products and lenders.  

Common Question: Are you offered a factoring facility or an Invoice Discounting Facility?  

There is no deigning the fact that Invoice Discounting (Not Factoring) is the fastest growing finance facility in Australia. Now this all sounds good, but if it is not used in the correct manner, it can be a very costly exercise.  TDFC helps eliminate the guess work in making sure a business has the correct facility.  

TDFC consultants are very experienced.  This allows clients to ask all the important questions about facilities and lenders. Debtor Finance is a very complex product to explain, and often salespeople only tell people what they want to hear. TDFC consultants explain all facets of the facility and in their website they list a series of questions to ask, when calling a potential lender.  

TDFC consultants give no nonsense answers, and explain all products and with over 11 lenders can find the product that suits an organisation’s needs.  

TDFC has references and goes the extra yard in helping the clients understand the processes and helps guide a firm through the first 3 months of the Debtor Finance relationship.  

TDFC has a vision to have a consultant in every state under 2 years, and the only way we can achieve this is through outstanding service.

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