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Cashflow Finance, Factoring, Debtor Finance supported by TDFC

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Cash flow finance, also known as Debtor Finance, is a flexible funding option helping manufacturers, wholesalers and business services  improve cash flow by releasing up to 80% of the cash locked up in outstanding invoices within 48 hours.  

Debtor Finance companies use debtor invoices to fund apon as this is the most cost effective way rather than other business  lending against other assets such as stock, plant and equipment and property.  

Debtor Finance services can help you take full control of your cash flow and move forward again.  

  • Improve cash flow Fund sales growth
  • Release the family home from the business
  • Funding limits automatically grow in line with sales
  • Increase margins by gaining early settlement discounts
  • Protect the bottom line by reducing early settlement discounts
  • Increase business by extending terms with confidence    
Each TDFC consultant who has over 11 lenders and products to choose from. TDFC stands by service and provides no nonsense answers in regards to each product. TDFC will provide answers the lenders forget to mention. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants will help clients set up and monitor the facility to avoid any teething periods.

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