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BlackBerry solutions enable Tracknology to operate paperless trading

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Tracknology  have migrated their entire operation to paperless trading with the adoption of the BlackBerry solution and BlackBerry Bold smartphones. The business has been able to eliminate the need for the use of paper in their day-to-day operations, administration and sales activity.

Tracknology regularly assist their customers to migrate to paperless trading for field personnel, Tracknology sought the assistance of Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry solution, to go to paperless trading.

As of the end of March, no paperwork is being generated by Tracknology. Their laser printer has not been powered up since early December, 2008. According to Stephen Walsh, Director, Sales and Products, Tracknology, the only paper that exists in the business are invoices from suppliers that are scanned and stored to a server before they are filed away, ensuring all documents remain at the fingertips of office staff.

Tracknology have eliminated business cards, by automating the systems to send a V-Card once they enter a recipient name in the smartphones. Tracknology believe it is important to showcase what they take to market, and RIM has enabled Tracknology to complete the total paperless environment with the BlackBerry Bold.

According to Adele Beachley, Regional Director, Research In Motion, Tracknology is setting an example for companies seeking automated efficiencies through the use of mobile applications and data. Tracknology’s solution provides companies with workforce mobility and mobile data applications on the BlackBerry platform, showcasing how mobile data can be used to make work practices efficient for cost savings.

All Tracknology staff use Tracknology’s mobile workforce applications and web enabled systems to complete their day-to-day tasks, generating and accessing documents or materials they need electronically through wireless technologies.

Tracknology personnel are provided with the electronic tools they need to be able to complete their tasks, to monitor their performance remotely. The sales personnel are using electronic forms, as are the operations and administration personnel, and everything they need to capture is done electronically whether it is a sales order, field service job, employee expenses or time sheets. All the tasks are done through the BlackBerry Bold smartphone over the web, including using the smartphone as an external modem for the laptops.

Further, Tracknology personnel have reduced their vehicle travel by over 60%, almost eliminated the need for interstate travel and reduced downtime and manual labour by around 85%. Tracknology’s core business is an off the shelf solution to allow customers to customise and develop their own electronic forms for data capture, so they have a head start in migrating to a paperless environment.

Tracknology systems are based on a unique model of eliminating much of the need for customisation when developing electronic forms on mobile handsets, by empowering the end user and customer to create and modify their own electronic forms. The BlackBerry Bold smartphone enables Tracknology staff to access the Internet, email, records and information management systems, electronics forms for data capture and generate reports in real time wirelessly.

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