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OH&S key to forklift selection

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SPOTLESS Services Australia (Spotless) has selected a Toyota forklift to help improve the occupational health and safety of their team at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

The MCG-based team members use the forklift to unload the weekly delivery of beer kegs from the back of trucks.

Prior to purchasing Toyota's 427FG25, 2.5 tonne petrol/LPG forklift, the staff unloaded and moved the kegs by hand, a process both time-consuming and potentially unsafe.

Seeing the team members handle the kegs in this manner led Spotless' Occupational Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Erin Tempest, to investigate a safer option.

Ms Tempest said Toyota was the only company that could provide a forklift with the features her company needed and the training to support the new product.

"Spotless chose Toyota because it was the only company willing to work with us to develop a training program for the forklift," she said.

"They provided safety training onsite (at MCG) as part of the program. The whole team at Toyota Material Handling (VIC) ("TMH Vic") were very thorough."

TMH Vic provided risk assessments alongside those undertaken by Spotless and selected a custom-made 'keg-handler' attachment for the forklift, designed to lift up to nine full kegs at a time.

Ms Tempest said the keg-handler was easy to remove, allowing the forklift to be used for other tasks, and the handler to be sent to other sites for use at events including the Australian Grand Prix.

TMH Vic sales manager Cameron Paxton said he was pleased his team could provide a solution that made Spotless' work safer and more efficient.

Mr Paxton's colleague and TMH Vic area sales manager Andrew Hopkins said it was pleasing that Spotless had chosen a Toyota forklift because of its safety features.

"The forklift we helped Spotless select has a lot of unique occupational health and safety features including Toyota's System of StabilityTM (SAS)," Mr Hopkins said.

SAS is the world's most advanced active stability for forklifts. SAS changes the stability triangle to a square by stopping the rear axle from swinging. This provides more stability when turning. SAS can assist in providing a safer work environment, allowing for superior load handling and outstanding OH&S benefits.

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