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Tox Pressotechnik releases improved TOX ElectricDrive

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Good flexibility, independent of platform through the use of the standardised norm IEC61131-3 in PLC programming for the realization of the firmware of the new controller platform, as well as more torque, increased performance and improved accuracy with electric power modules are the new improvements of TOX ElectricDrive.

With its supply and performance program the TOX-ElectricDrive is a good alternative pressforce and press driving technique.

It was necessary to develop controlled power in a reproducible way precisely to the point of perfection and to demonstrate continuously all process steps and register them in a reliable way.

The electromechanic servo drives of TOX ElectricDrive program constitutes the logical further development of - and in many cases also the alternative to - the pneumohydraulic drive cylinder TOX-Powerpackage.

At the Hannover Fair 2007, new modular controller generation for the TOX-ElectricDrive Power Module of types EPMS, EPMK and EPMR was introduced.

The new controller firmware now offers the possibility to be added to many controller platforms with integrated PLC available on the market and supporting the standardised norm IEC61131-3.

It will always be possible to integrate extended functions tailored to customer’s requirements. This flexibility is continued with the readiness of proprietary Feldbus interfaces.

Thus, a simple process integration in a consisting customer environment is possible. Due to the TOXsoftWare, a simple manipulation, configuration, documentation and parametrization of the axis controllers is possible.

The new standard hardware is now equipped with plug-in modules (memory module for the storage of program logic and controller parameters, Feldbus, communication) and has an integrated PLC.

Safety categories 3 and 4 are met in combination with servo spindle and brake.

With the improved software, up to 280 processes with 2240 functions are programmable and can be recalled and allow many customer-specific extensions of functions.

TOX ElectricDrive is available from Tox Pressotechnik.

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