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Tox Pressotechnik and Profil supply pressing machine to Audi

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article image Tox Pressotechnik and Profil supplies pressing machine to Audi

Automobile manufacturer Audi approached Tox Pressotechnik and its co-operation partner, Profil, with the task “Pressing of 2 punching bolts into part scuttle B8“.

Tox engineers created a universal machine with two pressing stations (for left and right part) a complete solution ready for service.

The pressing machine consists of a press substructure carrying two C-frame table presses, sorting and conveying device with control made by Profil, 2-hand machine control, protective gear and several tools for setting the punching bolts.

The C-frame table presses are each equipped with pneumo-hydraulic Powerpackage drive cylinder of type S30. Depending on the air pressure, the cylinders achieve with 6 bar a pressforce of 170kN and with 10 bar even 300kN.

For troublefree charging/discharging of the scuttle in and out of the tool holding fixture, C-frame table presses are mounted on guide carts so they can be precisely moved in and out of the punching position.

Special change holding fixtures for the swage heads of the punching bolts are provided on the cylinder rams, the dies are provided in the piecepart holding fixture.

The C-frame table presses and the drive cylinders are designed for a maximum stroke of 250mm. The powerstroke is 20mm so that the initial working positions can be reached with time-saving fast approach stroke.

Additionally, one of the two C-frame table presses can be moved to the side by a pneumatically driven linear axis so that the machine can be universally used for left and right scuttle parts.

For a material- and tool-protecting pressing sequence, hydraulic end position dampings are integrated in both Powerpackage drive cylinders

The two Tox C-frame table presses with pneumo-hydraulic drive cylinders Powerpackage S30, the press rams are each provided with a special swage-head for punching bolts, and the piecepart holding fixture below is provided with corresponding dies.

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