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TOX-Powerpackage line-Q pneumatic hydraulic cylinders from Tox Pressotechnik

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A Pneumo-hydraulic cylinder drive system, TOX-Powerpackage, is available from Tox Pressotechnik . TOX-Powerpackage is compact, robust, durable and flexible in use and application.

Tox Pressotechnik has created various innovative variants based on the modular construction kit of the TOX-Powerpackage.

The new version is the TOX-Powerpackage line-Q, an extension of the product range.

In principle, the line-Q provides the same benefits as the TOX-Powerpackage - power supply and handling like a pneumatic cylinder but power and press force like a hydraulic cylinder; pure pneumatic operation but with reduced consumption and consequently good energy efficiency. Controlled like a double-acting pneumatic cylinder, with a power stroke as soon as the tool meets an opposing force and this at any point along the total stroke.

The line-Q rely on TOX-typical features like the patented bypass system, having a hydraulic end position damping during the return stroke and a completely closed system with air/oil separation or the mechanic spring.

The new line-Q is available in line-Q type S and line-Q type K. Type S is a cost-optimised standard cylinder with a total stroke of to 100mm and a power stroke of 12mm.
These driving cylinders offer press forces from 10 to 300kN (at 6 bar air pressure). Type K represents the length-optimised compact cylinder with a total stroke of 200mm and a power stroke ranging from 12 to 52mm. Here at 6 bar air pressure, press force range from 10 to 150kN.

The reasons for the development of the new driving cylinder line-Q are based on technical and commercial requirements offering significant advantages for the customers.

New technologies have been introduced, the options are now partly integrated and included as standard price, the construction time and the delivery time have been reduced.

Special attention has been paid to additional energy saving, the mechanic spring has a double function and in addition to lower power consumption, the control is simplified and the maintenance costs are reduced.

Due to the defined lowering of the oil storage volume the effect of different operating temperatures is compensated. Together with the working piston supported in guide bushes and the new sealing technology applied, longer maintenance intervals and increased durability is achieved.

The defined positive stop BDC (bottom dead centre) and the damping in the advance stroke offer solutions to many different requirements. With this, high repetitive accuracy is achieved, e.g. with clinching. The noise of the advance stroke is reduced without any further additional technical expenditure enabling punching applications to be realised.

With all Powerpackage line-Q, the power bypass and the hydraulic damping in the return stroke (upper dead centre) are standard. With this, high stroke frequencies are achieved, trouble-free even in borderline applications, the tools are carefully employed and the noise level is low.

This high degree of standardisation, the integrated functions and the modular construction allow for a rapid delivery and despatch of the TOX-Powerpackage line-Q pneumatic hydraulic cylinders. The customer receives a complete unit ready for service, with its ‘fit and forget’ characteristics after installation, will provide trouble free operation in many different applications.

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