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Robot tongs available from Tox Pressotechnik

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The slender and simultaneously weight-reduced design of the tongs’ bow, the simple mounting to a robot, the choice between various driving systems like the pneumo-hydraulic Tox-Powerpackage cylinder, the electro-mechanic Tox-ElectricDrive servo spindle, the central arrangement of the energy supply connections on the back of the tongs are only a few of the outstanding characteristics of the Tox tongs.

With exception of the tongs’ bow, all driving and function elements are shielded units. Therefore no longer troubling areas exist, i.e. even with rough production run no valve/control mountings can be damaged, thus the technical availability is additionally assured.

The driving units Tox-Powerpackage or Tox-ElectricDrive as well as the tongs’ bow itself are standardized components just connected among each other. The Tox tongs are throughout of modular conception, compact design and of rugged execution corresponding to high demands.

Herewith Tox Pressotechnik, the pioneer for the use of pneumo-hydraulic or electro-mechanic driven tongs systems and the inventor of the nowadays generally applied Tox Round Point sheet metal clinching process sets once again the standards of rational production techniques for series.

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