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Pneumo-hydraulic drive system with damping function available from Tox-Powerpackages

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When punching, joining, caulking, embossing ‘Damped’ power gives more pressing efficiency in assembly work and tool-saving work-flows.

Advantages of pneumo-hydraulically driven Tox-Powerpackages are well known. To date about 150,000 cylinders have been produced and installed throughout the world.

In most different industrial fields with numberless press and process applications they render a reliable service. Nothing is good enough not to be further improved. Therefore the specialists from Tox Pressotechnik have further developed the pneumo-hydraulic drive system and provided it with a damping function for which a patent application has been made.

This damping function allows an adjustable, constant speed of the working piston during fast approach and powerstroke independent of the respective working powers. With integrated damping function it is now possible to compensate almost entirely the acceleration of the working piston when the counterforce ceases.

This involves various advantages for punching and/or pressing. A sudden drop of the counterforce occurs when breaking-through during or at the end of the punching process. This causes a brief but strong acceleration of the working piston.

The punch impact generates noises and increased wear of tools and machine. Due to the new, integral damping of the Tox-Powerpackage drive cylinder, the working piston speed remains almost constant avoiding end position impacts and significantly reducing noises.

Depending on application, high rattle effects may be produced by the pressing process e.g. due to the stick-slip effect. The rattling generates noises, bad pressing results and unsteady power/travel progressions.

With the new damping function, the adjustment of the process to respective frictional conditions is now possible without problems. Thus the pressing process takes place at controlled speed and allows a precise monitoring and evaluation of power/travel progressions. Due to the flexible and disconnectable damping function, additional complementary applications are imaginable.

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