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Drive solutions available from Tox Pressotechnik

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A drive is just a drive – has been the motto for many years. A drive produces a certain force and/or realises a specific force/travel combination. The driving technique is not an important part as long as it produces sufficient force.

The engineers at Tox Pressotechnik have for a long time thought about the efficiency and consistently high quality and the energy-saving and reproducible press force generated from Tox-Powerpackage.

With many different applications all over the world and the constant demand to meet all the requirements of customers from different markets, an extensive programme has been developed over the years comprising of pneumatic drives, pneumo-mechanic drives, pneumo-hydraulic drives and electric servo-drives.

Criteria for selecting the correct driving technique
With an extensive range of drive solutions from Tox Pressotechnik, there is always a solution to meet the customer’s requirements. The Tox-4Drive family makes it possible to select a drive, considering: technology, space, cost, performance, spare part supply, process safety, energy consumption, peripheral units and service maintenance expenditure.

For the engineer or application engineer there exist, however, some more reasons why the one or the other driving version is recommended or selected: capabilities and performances of the drive, corrosion and environmental conditions, explosion protection, thermal economy, control expenditure, weight, construction space, durability, environmental conditions, emission protection, easy handling, security against operating errors, know-how on operation site, compatibility in case of replacement, easy to repair, selection of power supplier, safety of machines and service, noise development and the like.

As a result, Tox Pressotechnik is able to offer an optimal solution referring to one or more driving solutions from its portfolio.

A discussion taking all aspects into consideration is indispensable in order to fulfil the continuously more complex requirements of modern production techniques from, for example, the automotive industry and their supporting industries.

The Tox-4Drive family consisting of 4 segments offers an optimal solution in each case covering all relevant aspects of the project.

The requirements and type of project will also dictate the type of drive selected, for example, the pressing of different bearings to different depth positions with different force requirements.

This is an ideal situation for the Tox-ElectricDrive with its easy to understand programming software, and its ability to achieve variable speed, force and distance position in an accurate and reproducible way, making the Tox-ElectricDrive the optimal solution.

For more simple operations such as punching a hole in a metal part, the Tox-Powerpackage is the ideal choice. If one wants to clamp and mark or to fix and punch a piece part within one stroke, the pneumo-mechanic driving units Tox-KraftKurver are the ideal solution, for example, for metal sheets in car body production.

Due to the 90° opening angle of the KraftKurver, the fast loading and unloading of the parts is possible thus enabling shorter cycle times.

The pure pneumatic cylinders are finally used for some of the smaller presses from the Tox-FinePress range, which are ideal for lower volume requirements and for light pressing operations, offering a cost effective bench mounted solution.

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