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Customized Machinery and Solutions in Tox Pressotechnik

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Tox Pressotechnik  provides products and solutions and customized machinery in sheet metal joining industry, presses and press drives. All the processes and products from Tox Pressotechnik confirm to ISO 9001: 2000 standards.

The joining techniques from Tox Pressotechnik include Tox clinching which is riveting without rivets, Tox clinchrivet where a symmetrical rivet is the joining element. The clinches find use in passenger cars.

Tox tongs, presses and drives constitute the Tox Force kit for enforced fitting of nuts and studs and for riveting of these elements. The Tox punching tools are suited for piercing or punching. This category of tools consists of robot tongs, hand machines, C frames and almost all presses. Tox marking products are suited for stamping and marking Tox Powerkurver and Marking Cylinder RP come under this category.

Tox Powerpackage with pneumatic operated cylinders, integrated oil system and activated power stroke and Tox Electricdrive electro mechanic modular spindle drives for all interfaces are available from Tox Pressotechnik.
Tox presses of the following types C frame, benchtop, column and powerkurver are offered by Tox Pressotechnik. Tong drives are also available with features like hydraulic cylinders for power strokes, pneumohydraulic intensifier for giving pressure for the cylinders and an integrated tong stripper.

Pulse pneumatic control, pulse control and electro pneumatic safety controls are the types of controls available under Tox Pressotechnik. Monitoring units such as basic pressing monitor, monitoring unit for clinch processes and pressing monitor for enhanced requirements are used for monitoring production steps.

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