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Clinching Systems, Joining Systems from Tox Pressotechnik

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Tox Pressotechnik  offers solutions from standard parts to subassemblies to complete turn key solutions for production and assembly work.

For many years, the engineers at Tox Pressotechnik have been engaged in the development of sheet metal working and joining systems.

For example when joining sheet metal with the Tox Round Joint, one needs the technology along with the tools, the presses and the appropriate method of providing the force.

In addition to the control systems, the software and advanced process monitoring systems to enable the documentation and storage of quality control data, is all offered and supplied by Tox Pressotechnik. All of these are supplied by Tox Pressotechnik ensuring a high level of quality and service is maintained.

Among some of the other applications that Tox Pressotechnik offers complete solutions for are clinching, ClinchRiveting, riveting, marking, punching, stamping, notching, shearing, drawing, bordering, edging, bending, forming, caulking, pressing, clamping, shifting, moving, welding, joining and component assembly.

Based on a comprehensive range of drive solutions, depending on the application bespoke solutions can be offered. The application engineers from Tox Pressotechnik are able to specify the optimal drive for any particular application, whether is manufacture or assembly machines.

There are four different drive families: pneumatic, pneumo-mechanic, pneumo-hydraulic as well as electric servo-drives.

Each family consists of standard modular elements, which make it possible to specify bespoke and efficient drive solutions of any given application.

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