Tox Pressotechnik

TOX PRESSOTECHNIK is a solutions provider for sheet metal joining, force actuation and press technology. The portfolio of high quality products includes:
pneumo-hydraulic press drives (press force up to 2000kN), software supported servo spindles (press force up to 400kN), press frames, tongs and matching accessories, controls and monitoring systems as well as sheet metal joining technology


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06/08/08 - The TOX-Powerpackage, from Tox Pressotechnik, is a pneumo-hydraulic cylinder, with more than 150,000 units in operation worldwide. The latest creation is the Powerpackage type line-Q which can be used for many different applications due to its robust
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01/08/08 - Pneumatic cylinder drives are available from Tox Pressotechnik. These standardised pneumatic drives of press forces from 2 to 57 kN are available in different guises for driving the press range TOX-FinePress.
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29/07/08 - Tox Pressotechnik has created various innovative variants based on the modular construction kit of the TOX-Powerpackage. The new version is the TOX-Powerpackage line-Q, an extension of the product range.
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28/07/08 - Tox Pressotechnik offers electric servo-drives, Flexibility meets press force precision with the electric servo-drive press forces from 0.5 to 400kN can be achieved precisely and with a high level of accuracy and repeatability.
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