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Car care packages from Toughseal Australasia

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Toughseal Australasia  provides complete car care packages. The car care packages include dry, wash and shine, paint protection step one and two, alloy wheel wax, wash and gloss shampoo. Toughseal Australasia offers complete package for interior and exterior of caravans, aircrafts, cars and boats. These solutions from Toughseal Australasia are a supplier to the motor vehicle public.

Dry wash and shine from Toughseal Australasia is waterless car wash and protective glaze and it produces invisible shield. The dry wash and shine from Toughseal Australasia is free from wax and contains the features of polishes, sealants and waxes. These dry washes are applied over dusty surfaces. Dry Wash and Shine is made from formulated detergents, lubricants, wetting agents and sealing compounds. These components soften and emulsify grime and produce a shiny protection.

Wash and gloss from Toughseal Australasia is a paint protection system and an enhancer. It is used in conjunction with Toughseal's pre-treatment step 1 and Toughseal's acrylic sealant step 2. It will help in preserving unique protective chemical formulations applied to car paintwork.

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