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Riot equipment and weapon cleaning stations from Tote Systems Australia

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Tote Systems Australia  is specialist in making armours and provides security services. The riot equipment designed by Tote Systems Australia provides required protection and mobility service in crowd management situation. Riot equipment is available in various models.

PCS-01 range of riot equipment is made from polycarbonate material and comes with riot shield which provides maximum protection. The size of this shield is 900 x 600 x 4.5 mm. PCS-01F polycarbonate riot shield comes with flat kick-back sides. In addition to this it has reinforced central area which is made from 3mm polycarbonate material. PC-MS is micro shield equipment used for confined space.

Other range of riot equipment includes RV-QC, RV-01, RV-02 and so on. RV-QC riot equipment come with six point adjuster and two 25x30 cm trauma inserts. Other features include Baton pouch, Radio pouch, AA torch pouch, universal pouches, and Lapel Mic holders. RV-01 riot vest come with two 25x30 cm trauma inserts and has pouches for placing gas cartridges.
Weapons cleaning station is one of the new product from Tote Systems Australia which is portable and light in weight. This weapon cleaning station is designed for handguns and is not ideal for armour piercing projectiles. Some of the ammunitions tested using this equipment includes 0.22 short rimfire, 0.22 long rifle, 9 x 18 mm Makarov etc.

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