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Armour panels, training and medical equipment from Tote Systems Australia

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Tote Systems Australia  offers armour panels, medical equipment, training equipment and other products. Armour panels such as ballistic resistant panels are available for Spall liners and for armouring of land based vehicles, bunkers, trains, aircraft, watercraft and buildings.

Armour panels can be cut to any shape for easy fitting and these panels are made from various materials. These panels are available in flexible, rigid and semi flexible forms. The size of the panels depends on the type of material used. Some of the materials available include titanium oxide, aluminium, silicon carbide, boron carbide, fibreglass, polyurethane and polycarbonate.

Tote Systems Australia offers training equipment. This training equipment is made in such a way that it matches the weight and feel of real body armour. It is made using hard armour plates. It comes with pocket flaps to which the word training is printed using highly visible colours. Armour panels and training body armours are marked as non ballistic.

Medical equipment from Tote Systems Australia includes Velcro medical restraint, light weight mesh vest armour with eight utility pockets and personal hygiene kit. Other products include holsters, radio equipment, accessories, sundries and belts. Sundries include mobile office organiser, dive bags for special weapon teams. Various types of belts are also offered by Tote Systems Australia.

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