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Windaq Acquisition and Playback Software from Total Turnkey Solutions

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The Windaq software package, available from Total Turnkey Solutions , includes both Windaq Data Acquisition software and Windaq Waveform Browser playback and analysis software.

Windaq Data Acquisition software offers real time display and disk streaming capabilities. The real-time display can operate in a smooth-scroll or triggered-sweep mode and can be scaled into any unit of measure.

Event markers with comments allow annotation of data acquisition sessions with descriptive information while recording to disk. Raise productivity to new heights with Windaq’s unique multitasking feature. Record waveform data to disk in the background while running any combination of programs in the foreground. Windaq/Pro+ is an enhanced version of Windaq/Pro that adds the ability to sample different channels at different rates.

Windaq Waveform Browser playback software offers an easy way to review and analyze waveforms acquired by Windaq Data Acquisition Software. The software’s disk streaming design allows data files of any length to be graphically displayed rapidly, in normal or reverse time directions.

Seven standard cursor-based measurements, and frequency domain and statistical analysis functions help simplify waveform analysis and interpretation. A data export feature allows any length of waveform data to be translated and reviewed by other applications, like Excel.

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