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DI-720 and DI-730 Series Data Acquisition Instruments available from Total Turnkey Solutions

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article image DI-720 and DI-730 Series Data Acquisition Instruments

The DI-720 and DI-730 Series data acquisition hardware by DATAQ Instruments is available from Total Turnkey Solutions .  

While DI-720 is designed for general purpose applications, DI-730 finds use in electric motor/ generator maintenance as well as troubleshooting applications in mills, locomotion and DC drive systems.  

The DI-720 Series and DI-730 Series are families of data acquisition instruments that offer 14-bit resolution and 150-200kHz waveform recording capability.  

Communication is through the PC's parallel port or an optional Ethernet/ USB interface.  

DI-720 data acquisition instruments are used for general purpose applications where pre-amplified signals are acquired and include process monitoring or medical research applications.  

On the other hand, DI-730 data acquisition instruments are used for wide dynamic range measurements, especially those involving AC or DC electric motors.  

Typical examples include paper, aluminium, steel mills, high speed trains as well as rail and seagoing locomotion.  

DI-730 applications also include RPM measurements from motors/generators, supply voltage and current measurements as well as field current measurements from drive-roll, braking and take-up motors.  

Key features of DI-720 and DI-730 Series data acquisition instruments: 

  • DI-730 is suitable for maintenance and troubleshooting of DC drive systems with its high sample rate, exceptional isolation and CMR characteristics
  • Ethernet communication option connects DI-720 and DI-730 Series products to any local area network (LAN)
  • Each station can sample at a different rate (up to 200kHz throughput) and still maintain full synchronisation
  • Available with printer port, Ethernet and USB communication interfaces
  • All instruments have a 25-pin male printer port connector for EPP, bidirectional or standard mode parallel port communication with the PC
  • Optional Ethernet communication capability with an RJ45 connector or USB port for universal serial bus communication
  • Synchronised distributed Ethernet data acquisition by daisy chaining multiple DI-720 and/or DI-730 Ethernet units
  • All instruments offer easy connection to the PC’s parallel port, Ethernet connector or USB port
  • WinDaq software included

DI-730 Series data acquisition instruments

  • Wide dynamic measurement range of ±10mV to ±1000VDC (or peak AC) over six gain ranges with ±1000V channel-to-channel and input-to-output isolation
  • Replaces entire racks of isolation amps, high and low voltage amps, and data acquisition subsystems with one portable lightweight instrument
  • Channel-to-channel isolation protects delicate control circuits, computer equipment and personnel from high common mode voltages

DI-720 Series data acquisition instruments

  • Accepts 32 high-level or signal-conditioned analogue inputs in a single-ended mode or 16 inputs in a differential input mode
  • High-level inputs are typically low impedance, preconditioned signals in the range of 1.25 to 10VFS
  • Channel expansion up to 240 channels is possible with expanders

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