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DATAQ DI-718Bx Data Loggers available from Total Turnkey Solutions

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DATAQ Instruments’ DI-718Bx Series data acquisition systems available from Total Turnkey Solutions are designed for general purpose and standalone data logging applications that require signal conditioning.  

DATAQ’s DI-718Bx Series data loggers are available with and without the standalone capability.  

Standalone data loggers offer a key advantage of allowing data to be saved to a removable SD memory card using a built-in socket.    

Instruments without this option must remain connected to a PC’s Ethernet port during data acquisition and use the PC’s own program and memory to store the acquired data.  

Compact and low cost DI-8B amplifiers may be plugged directly into the DI-718Bx data loggers.  

DI-8B amplifiers are fully functional isolated analogue signal conditioners that protect, filter, amplify and isolate input signals and provide an advanced signal conditioning solution for nearly every industrial measurement.  

The DI-718Bx and DI-8B modules combine to form one of the smallest data logger/ data acquisition instruments in its class. 

Key features of the DI-718Bx data loggers:  

  • Supplied with four removable 16-position screw terminal connectors to provide access to the built-in DI-8B module backplane
  • Instruments are housed in a small 22.9cm L x 18.5cm W x 3.86cm H enclosure
  • Housing consists of an aluminium base, all-steel wraparound, aluminium end plates and removable top hatch
  • Industrial measurements can be made through the DI-8B plug-in signal conditioning modules
  • Each channel on the DI-718Bx accommodates one DI-8B module providing a single channel of isolated input protection, amplification and filtering
  • Standalone data logger operation uses an SD card to record and store data up to 2GB
  • FIFO memory configuration allows continuous recording using a circular buffer or record-until-full approach
  • Wide range of throughput rates from 0.0034 Hz up to 4800 Hz when acquiring data with a PC or from 0.0017 Hz to up to 14400 Hz on removable SD memory
  • High 14-bit resolution analogue to digital conversion
  • Easy installation, connection and use
  • File protection in standalone loggers ensured when powered down unexpectedly
  • Includes WINDAQ software

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