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DATAQ DI-1000TC Series Temperature Measurement Instruments from Total Turnkey Solutions

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article image DI-1000TC Series Instruments for Temperature Measurement

DATAQ Instruments’ DI-1000TC Series, available from Total Turnkey Solutions is a line of instrumentation modules designed for temperature measurements using thermocouples.  

The temperature measurement instruments have an operating range of -200ºC to +1820ºC depending upon the thermocouple type.  

DI-1000TC Series instruments are available in 4-channel or 8-channel versions, and each channel may be configured to support one of eight thermocouple types: J, K, T, E, S, B, N or R.  

Each DI-1000TC thermocouple channel features a panel-mounted, miniature spade connector, and all input channels are electrically isolated from ground and each other up to 1000VDC, or peak AC.  

The portable temperature measurement devices are housed in a compact enclosure consisting of an aluminium base and all-steel wraparound.  

Designed for use across the entire spectrum of temperature measurement applications, Model DI-1000TC is compactly sized and suitable for laboratory applications.  

The temperature measurement device has an isolation feature that allows it to be used in more demanding industrial applications that experience large common mode voltages typical of grounded thermocouples.  

Multiple DI-1000TC units may be connected individually, or expanded suitably with any combination of other DI-1000 instruments to address application-specific requirements.  

DI-1000TC products may also be mixed and matched with other DI-1000 instruments to yield unique measurement configurations that feature various input types.  

DI-1000TC Series temperature measurement instruments feature a built-in RS-422 interface that allows them to connect to any host PC through an inexpensive adapter via an RS-232 or USB port.  

The RS-422 interface also serves as an expansion port for other DI-1000 Series instruments.  

The DI-1000TC Series devices are used as PC-based temperature measurement instruments for laboratory or classroom use.  

The instruments also find application in industrial environments by those who require a rugged and flexible device for temperature measurements where off-ground measurements are common.  

Key applications of the DI-1000TC Series instruments: 

  • Steel and aluminium smelting operations
  • Annealing operations
  • Hydraulic pumps, fluids and motors
  • Steam, gas and hydraulic turbines
  • Machine tools
  • Motors and generators
  • Rolling mill machinery and equipment
  • Electric and gas welding and soldering equipment
  • Industrial and commercial fans and blowers, and air purification
  • Industrial process furnaces and ovens
  • Induction heaters

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