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Thermal imaging solutions for preventative maintenance

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Total Testing Solutions Australia  (TTSA) can help detect problems before they happen with the help of Thermal Imaging – Infrared Technology.   With today’s economical market and the high cost of reactive maintenance TTSA can help you with a preventative maintenance program with the aid of thermal imaging to reduce costs and down time of your plant and equipment.  

Used in industrial, commercial and marine applications thermal image surveying is an accurate temperature measurement for non-invasive identification of overheating components, defective insulation and refractory, heat losses and gains.   

Thermal imaging is now the leading non-intrusive, non-destructive and non-invasive tool used in an ever widening range of areas from predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, problem diagnostics and research and development.  

Thermal imaging surveys are conducted in real time so there is no downtime and produces fast accurate results.  All Thermal Imaging surveys are documented and a report is generated for the client.  

TTSA has the latest in FLIR infrared cameras and can be used for the preventative maintenance of electrical, mechanical, refractory environments just to name a few. 

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