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Equipment testing and tagging services from Total Testing Solutions Australia

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Total Testing Solutions Australia  (TTSA) specialise in providing complete testing solutions for industrial markets. Total Testing Solutions Australia utilise new and updated products, such as thermal imaging cameras, borescopes and testers, to provide corrective measures on electrical or mechanical products.

Testing and tagging of appliances helps in ensuring workers safety. To ensure safer workplace, Total Testing Solutions Australia offer the latest Portable Appliance Testers (PAT) for testing and tagging appliances. Portable Appliance Testers perform multiple functions such as testing, printing, and storing the information in the machine. This information can then be downloaded or recorded. Portable Appliance Testers from Total Testing Solutions Australia are fully computerised to ensure accuracy.

Total Testing Solutions Australia also use borescope for inspecting and maintaining electrical or mechanical equipment. A borescope provides a clear view of the insides of machines, pipes and engines. This optical component helps in detecting problems. Preventative measures can be then be undertaken without the need for dismantling the machinery, thus saving significant amount of time, cost and energy. The boresocpe features four LED light source and TFT monitor that can be used for taking photos or recordings. The borescope is water and oil resistant and can be fitted anywhere.

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