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Self-guiding belt system

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article image Conti Synchrodrive N10 nubbed belt system.

CONTITECH Power Transmission Systems is introducing its Conti Synchrodrive N10 nubbed belt system for drive designs requiring small belt width, up to 100mm, with reliable alignment.

The system - available from Total Rubber Services in Australia and Maud Kirk Machinery in New Zealand - features nubs in a staggered pattern to facilitate positive engaging and self-guidance.

With a nub pitch length of 10mm in the direction of travel, and an axial distance of 10mm between rows, the nubs produce smooth meshing in both directions of belt travel, facilitating high precision and synchronous transmissions as well as linear drive applications.

Available as part of a total system including pulleys, support rails and guiding rails with recesses and clamping plates, the belts are manufactured from hard-wearing polyurethane and reinforced with steel cord tension members to guarantee excellent efficiency and constant belt tension.

Advantages of the belts include:

· Self-guidance without side flanges or pulleys.

· Non-directional performance offering the same meshing capabilities in both directions of belt travel.

· Polygon-free smooth rolling around pulleys thanks to contact with flat belt area.

· Noise minimised and low vibration performance with continuous rolling smooth meshing of nubs into recesses.

· Narrow width gradation (available in steps of 10mm).

· Homogeneous distribution of forces in the belt. No force components act laterally thanks to symmetrical hub geometry and balanced tension member arrangement (S/Z winding).

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