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New-generation drive belts lower costs

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article image New-generation Conti Synchrodrive PU flat belts.

A SPACE-saving, strong and smooth-running alternative to conventional drive belts has been released by Contitech for multiple industrial applications including materials handling devices, lifting systems, forklifts, scissors lifts and vehicle washing systems.

Available from Total Rubber Services , the new-generation lightweight and reliable Conti Synchrodrive PU flat belt family facilitates compact drives with much smaller pulley diameters than conventional steel cord drives, according to Contitech Australasia representative Eric Whiteley.

Smaller drive pulleys allow the use of space-saving drive motors and smaller secondary engineering. Compact drive configurations, with the advantage of low inertia, reduce not only manufacturing costs, but also power consumption.

Mr Whitely says the new belts - made of modified polyurethane to exacting standards - are reinforced with Conti's own compact stranded steel cord design to increase flexibility in comparison with conventional steel cable.

Each PU belt contains more steel wires than a conventional steel cable, achieving the same tensile strength with less weight. The two opposing directions of lay of Conti's stranded steel cords ensure neutral in-service properties, resulting in quiet, smooth running.

The belts are virtually corrosion-proof because of the use of galvanised steel, while their polyurethane coating ensures anti-slip traction and efficient power distribution.

Conti's manufacturing process permits optimum spreading of polyurethane to completely surround the metal, keeping wires in place within a braid and bonding individual braids together.

The result is an extremely flexible, hard-wearing and durable belt which, used in combination with crowned pulleys, ensures power transmission and smooth running.

Conti Synchrodive PU flat belts - available from Caminer distributors Total Rubber Services in Australia and Maud Kirk Machinery in New Zealand - are available in several types.

These include XHP extra high tensile strength types, with multiple cords, 1.67mm in diameter, configured with parallel-to-edge alignment, and offering a service life typically three times that of belts with conventional steel cables under the same operating conditions.

Synchrodrive PU flat belts also include models HS (very high strength); HP (reinforced); HP-Niro (stainless steel) and HF (flexible).

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