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article image Contitech Synchroforce CXP III.

TWO heavy duty timing belts, claimed to cut the costs of drive systems by up to 30 per cent, are being introduced to Australasia by international rubber and plastics technology specialist Contitech.

Available from Total Rubber Services , the Conti Synchroforce CXP III is designed for highly stressed high-speed mechanical engineering drives, while Conti's Synchroforce CXA III is intended for drives with high torques.

Optimised design and materials employed in both belts - including a multi-layer polyamide fabric that reduces heat buildup and friction on the teeth - mean the new belts can deliver the same performance as their predecessors with 20 per cent less belt width.

CXP III also offers up to three times the lifespan of its predecessor CXP belts, which were themselves long-life designs.

"Reduced belt widths produce more value for money, because the smaller belt pulleys, flanges etc, cut the costs of the entire system by up to 30 per cent,” says Contitech Australia and New Zealand representative Eric Whiteley.

“Noise emissions are also reduced, thanks to the narrower belts."

Performance features of the belts include their special design, coupled with high resilience and shape retention of the teeth. Rotary motion is transmitted with angular accuracy at constant peripheral speed.

The belts' design incorporates:

· Tension member constructed of length-stable glass cord or aramide with high strength.

· Teeth and belt reverse side made of aramide-reinforced polychloroprene elastomer.

· Tooth reinforcement of multi-layer polyamide fabric.

The design improves interaction between compound, rubber and tension member, giving higher strength and load-carrying capacity.

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