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Safe rail and road working procedures from Work Safe

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Work Safe  provides safe working procedures for rail and roads systems. Work Safe offers totally customised business plans to customers’ access needs. Work Safe’s workforce comprises professionals who have the experience and capability to protect and provide safe working instructions and distribute services to their clients.

Work Safe offers its clients tailored packages that include the 24 hours access option to good standards of protection, and support in providing a safe workplace to their staff, clients and the general public.

Work Safe’s personnel are specially trained by the State rail training facility and are accredited by Work Safe and the maintainer of the New South Wales rail network. Work Safe has developed policies that are implemented in its worksite assessment and protection plans. Work Safe has developed sound systems with the Rail Infrastructure Corporation in order to ensure and provide this service within the New South Wales rail network.

Work Safe’s fully equipped personnel, with their own personal safety, protection and other necessary equipment, ensure a safe worksite. Work Safe, for its clients, provides PO 4 worksite protection class 4 or possession officers, PO 2 hand signallers, overhead electrician linesmen, rail renewal and sleeper renewal, or qualified labourers, electrical permit holders, and 5099 accredited high rail operators.

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