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Total Lifting Solutions offers the robust Safetech Pallet Inverters

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The Safetech Pallet Inverters are nowavailable from Total Lifting Solutions . Robust and heavy duty to withstanddiverse environments, the risk of injury to workers is minimized by eliminatingmanual stacking and restacking of pallets. The pallet inverters can handle avariety of load dimensions weighing up to 2000kgs.

The Safetech pallet inverters feature afixed base frame and a rotating frame incorporating a clamp mechanism. Theclamp is hydraulically actuated while the rotation occurs via the largeprecision bearing and torque boosted electric drive motor. The functions offeredby the inverter can be controlled by touch pad controls and offer consistentoperation.

Typical applications for the palletinverter include:

  • Food manufacturers remove wooden palletsfrom the processing floor
  • In automated storage and retrieval systemswhere pallets are checked and faulty loads must be removed and exchanged
  • Pallet loads which require straighteningand squaring

Additional safety options include:

  • Safety fencing
  • External remote control
  • Photo-eyes or Light curtain with interlock
  • Forklift bump edges

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