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Total Lifting Solutions introduces “The Mule"

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Total Lifting Solutions  introduces “The Mule,”an ergonomic lifting, stacking, transporting and positioning device. Themachine was designed ergonomically for ease of use, higher productivity and toreduce worker injuries as it easily lifts 160kgs with a metal frame platformand a screw driven lift that delivers smooth precision unlike hydraulics orchains.

Typical applications where the mule can beused include:

  • Lifting rolls of film, paper, fabric andfilters into processing machines 
  • Raising and lowering material to flow racks
  • Moving products through narrow spaces
  • Lifting heavy products onto grocery andretail shelves
  •  Managing hardware in retail, wholesale and manufacturingindustries
  • Assisting workers with repetitive lifting
  • Lift cutting, injection molding and cnctools for set up

The multifunctional lifting device featuresa fully raised height of 1220mm and a fully lowered height of 90mm. It can liftat a standard speed of 50mm per second via a worm screw drive. Standardfeatures include movable locking clamps for boxes and rolls, front vice jawsfor clamping of product and the device easily folds down for storage in either thehorizontal or vertical positions.

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