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Total Image introduces disposable coveralls by Elliot Australia

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article image Total Image introduces disposable coveralls by Elliot Australia

The ELLGARD range coveralls, available from Total Image Group  are designed to protect workers from a range of hazardous substances or sensitive products and processes. 

Why use disposable protective coveralls?

  • Perfect for cleanliness and hygiene situations
  • Contamination control of protective clothing: decontamination is not an issue with disposable coveralls as they are thrown away.
  • Contamination control: such as hair, skin flakes, sweat, dandruff, clothing threads, dust, bacteria, viruses, insects, chemicals, water, aerosols, pollen, fungi spoes etc.

Industries that use disposable protective coveralls:

  • Food,
  • Medical
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research & Development

Features of the disposable protective coveralls:

  • No laundering required
  • No decontamination of garments required
  • Helps control contamination
  • Identify workers and visitors with specific colours
  • Wide range of options

Disposable Protective coveralls Protection Standards:

The ELLGARD Coverall range (excluding the X1) corresponds to the European Standards for Chemical Protective Clothing Category III. Below are six types of protection depending on the disposable coverall. 

Type 1: Gas-tight clothing
Type 2: Non-gas-tight clothing
Type 3: Liquid-tight Clothing
Type 4: Spray-tight clothing
Type 5: Particle-tight clothing
Type 6: Limited splash-tight clothingAnti-static - anti-statically treated and offering electrostatic protection according to prEN1149.

Care, Disposal and Limitations of the Disposable Protective coveralls:

  • Do not wash, iron, tumble dry or dry clean the disposable protective coveralls
  • Dispose the coveralls immediately after use. Avoid intense heat or naked flame, sparks and/or hot surfaces.
  • Please ensure that you have chosen the right garment suitable for your job & work environment- ELLGARD disposable coveralls offer no protection resistance against solvents (like n-Heptane and Isopropanol). For further advice please contact Total Image Group.
  • The user shall be the sole judge for correct combination of full body protective coverall and ancillary equipment (gloves, boots, respiratory protective equipment etc) and for how long ELLGARD Coveralls can be worn - with respect to its protective performance, wear, comfort and heat stress. 
  • Manufacturer and supplier of the ELLGARD disposable coveralls will not be held responsible for improper use of the disposable coveralls.
  • Method of disposal is to be determined wit the user and the level/type of contamination and government and local regulations.

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