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Hearing Protection for your workplace, by Total Image Group

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article image Hearing Protection for your workplace, by Total Image Group

A number of different types of hearing protection have been made available from Total Image by the ProChoice brand, which minismise the risk of hearing loss due to industrial noise.

Hearing loss due to industrial noise is one of the most widespread, yet preventable work place injuries. Significant, irreversible hearing loss can occur after being subjected continually to noise from machinery, day-to-day activities, tools and traffic. Hearing loss has a dramatic impact on quality of life and may contribute to other safety problems, such as lack of awareness and reduced concentration. Permanent loss of hearing is the result of nerve destruction or damage to the hair cells which transfer sound waves within the ear. Once these important parts of the hearing mechanism are damaged or destroyed, they can never be regenerated, resulting in slight to total, permanent hearing loss.

Products available from Total Image Group include:

  •      Ear Muffs:  suppress unwanted noise by completely covering the outer ear. They may be attached to a head band, or to a hard hat.

  •      Disposable Ear Plugs: are made of foam and designed to be compressed then inserted into a person’s ear canal, where they expand and seal against the shape of each individual’s ear canal.

  •      Reusable Ear Plugs: are pre-moulded, made from silicon and are available in a choice of sizes. Pairs may be joined with a cord or plastic head-band.

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