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Total Aqua  sets the longetivity of a micron carbon block cartridge to about 15 months. Total Aqua sends a reminder letter to its customers on an annual basis mentioning that the cartridges have been in place for one year and is due for a change. Total Aqua offers undersink system products such as TA245 CC1 Twin Undersink Purifier, TA145 CC1 Single Undersink Purifier, TA201 MMB Twin Undersink Filter, TA101 MMB Single Undersink Filter and TA195 Glacier Undersink Filter. The filter replacement from Total Aqua comprises of TA245 CC1 Carbon (0.45 Micron) & Dirt (0.5 Micron), TA145 CC1 Carbon (0.45 Micron), TA201 MMB Carbon (1 Micron) & Dirt (1 Micron), TA101 MMB Carbon (1 Micron) and TA195 In-line Cartridge (5 Micron).

Total Aqua is with the view that general public misunderstand the importance of water and suffer from dehydration. There is a belief that water is required only when one experience a 'dry mouth'. This misunderstanding has led many people suffer from dehydration and are in turn associated with health problems like headaches, migraines, asthma, hypertension, allergies and arthritic pain. Water is vital for circulation of body fluids, digestion of food, transportation of food to the tissues, the elimination of body wastes and for the regulation of body tempera tire.

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